Learning Korean; how and why you should try to pick up this fascinating language

Korean language is known by quite a number of people and depending on where you are, there are advantages of learning the language. In addition to the mainstream languages such as English, German, and Spanish, you might need Korean dialect as a combination with these and other languages in order to access extra job and non-job related opportunities.

Training yourself to learn Korean language is possible but will definitely take some time. In order to effectively and quickly learn the language, you may use the available professional resources. For instance in Singapore, there are language schools such as Korean language school in Singapore where you can learn the language in an expertise way. We begin with highlighting some of the benefits of learning the language then discuss shortly how you can do it in Singapore.

1. Business uses: Not so many people know Korea in Singapore but a substantial number do. If you are a businessman, learning Korean dialect can help you trade better with those who know it – you could get better bargains, referrals to those who deal in particular cheaper commodities, or simply business favors if Koreans get excited about your knowing of their language.

Besides, you could attract customers from the community that know the dialect. You can also chose to advertise more effectively in the dielectric in order to appeal more to these as your customers. It is also the right time to know the language if you are planning to have several business trips and engagements in Korea and Korean speaking countries.

2. Social benefits: Many people would certainly want to learn Korean dialect so it can be easier for them to navigate places they have never before. If you travel to Korea as a foreigner – especially Westerners, not only would you get more warm reception when locals realize you can speak their language, it might be easier to make more friends and earn a couple of social favors.

3. Cultural benefits: Traditional Korean films and poems, parables, and historical writings dating to about a thousand years are some of the things to enjoy when you learn to speak Korean language. This is in addition to enjoying knowing Buddhist-based proverbs and spices.

How to learn Korean language

1. Schools: You get assigned professionals who take you through the language. Schools dedicated to teaching people to learn Korean language will offer additional training materials or give you necessary contacts and referral to materials you can use to learn and practice the language even if you are a beginner.

You can also get direct help from real people who will take you through the learning process. What’s more? You get a professional certification for use when applying for a job.

2. Books and videos: You can sign up with schools teaching Korean language in order to access the right books and a lot of them to not only train you, but also help you practice and assess yourself on the progress.

3. Online materials: Although this will require putting your personal efforts, it is possible to search for online materials that you can rely on to learn the language easily and fast.

The best place to learn Korean language in Singapore is to sign up with a school where there are professionals and detailed programs to start you off even if you do not know a single Korean word. You also access many materials to take you through the learning process.

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Benefits of Private Charter Buses

Do you plan to travel across the state? For long distance travels, you tend to waste the gas and over use your car. The best alternate to fulfill the travel means in such a journey is to use a chartered bus. There are various benefits of chartering a bus service for your next travel destination. Here are few benefits of a chartered bus service:

Comfort – Chartered buses today offer comfortable facilities to all the passengers traveling. There are clean restrooms, DVDs, CDs, wi-fi provided internet services for passengers. Seating is comfortable so you can stretch and relax and enjoy the scenic beauty.

Customization – A chartered bus gives you the benefit of choosing where, when and with whom you travel. Trips and groups can be easily customized keeping the time (day or night) of trip in mind. You don’t have to bother of seat reservation or sit in a cramped place. You can plan your trip even during the busiest time of the year and be assured that you will get the best travel experience as expected.

No stress and guaranteed safety- Driving means getting stuck in traffic jams, honking and waiting for the vehicle queue in front of you to clear out. When you are traveling, you definitely don’t want that stress. A chartered bus service relieves you off this. There are drivers who handle the vehicle and the traffic filled streets as you sit in the coach and enjoy with your family, friends and other co-passengers. In addition, the drivers and the staff in the bus are trained personnel who can analyze and handle any emergency situation.

Go Green and eco-friendly – We know how much pollution is pumped by our vehicles into the atmosphere due to fuel burning. A chartered bus is the best alternate of reducing the carbon laden emissions in the atmosphere. You remove 55 cars from the highway and replace them with one chartered bus which can carry more passengers that can fit in 55 cars! The engines of chartered buses are designed in a way to emit less carbon dioxide and consume less fuel. These buses not only help control pollution but are also convenient for passengers as they are saved from increase gas prices and inhaling the carbon emissions from atmosphere. So next time, let’s go-green when planning the next trip.

Blue bird offers private shuttle bus from Melbourne Airport . The bus shuttles are clean, well maintained and designed to ensure that the delegates and the passengers get a first class airline traveling experience.

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Top Neighborhoods for Hotels in Singapore

When it comes to choosing the right hotel, location matters. The ultra-modern and yet often charmingly old-fashioned global microcosm of Singapore offers you a wide variety of hotels to choose from based on where you want to stay. Here’s a glimpse into the top neighbourhoods in Singapore for hotels.

Singapore River

This was where Singapore started out as a port city. Hotels here include luxurious five-star and executive boutique affairs. The area is dotted with colonial buildings and old pastel-coloured shop-houses interspersed with ultra-modern architecture. Locales like the Boat Quay, Robertson Quay and Clarke Quay add to the tourist-attraction value. Many modern hotels populate the area among which the Fullerton Hotel is definitely worthy of mention.

Orchard Road

The ultimate shopping destination that could satiate any shopaholic, Orchard Road is an absolute favourite of many. The hotels here are in keeping with the contemporary tone of the place. There are many luxury hotels here along with a variety of dining options.


One of the most happening places around Singapore, Sentosa is a hit with the local and the tourists alike. The Bay Business Hotel Singapore is located at the entrance to Sentosa and is very close to VivoCity, the largest mall around. This is a great area to enjoy the shopping and dining experience that Singapore is famed for.

Marina Bay

Marina bay, the mouth of the Singapore river, is home to the gigantic Esplanade Concert Hall and quite a few high-end hotels. The Stamford, one of the tallest hotels in the world is located here and offers beautiful panoramic views.

Chinatown, Little India & Arab Street

Walking down Trengganu Street, Pagoda Street, Serangoon Road and Arab Street takes you across China, India and the Middle-east. Chinatown is a great place for low-budget hotels. Even old shop-houses have been restored and modified into hostels and guest houses. All these areas offer low-cost boarding and lodging options while allowing you to enjoy the best of the respective cultures. Little India and Arab Street are on either side of the Rochor canal and both sides offer unique places to eat at or to shop in.

For any discerning tourist, the decision of where to put up at is a tough one. Whether you are looking for a quiet rustic getaway, chic cosmopolitan grandeur, complete flamboyant pampering, futuristic delights or a journey back in time, in Singapore, you are sure to be spoilt for choice.

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